Ultrasound Guided PRP Injection


Making sure that PRP is delivered to the correct anatomic location is vital. I use portable ultrasound to ensure that the PRP injection is placed precisely into the shoulder. Ultrasound has many advantages over traditional X-ray or CT scans. Ultrasound has no radiation or known long-term side effects. It allows for live, dynamic imaging to see the needle and PRP being placed in real time. The skin is prepped sterilely and the small ultrasound probe is placed on the skin. The needle is inserted just adjacent to the probe so the needle can be guided into the proper structure. I have performed nearly 10,000 ultrasound-guided shoulder injections in my San Diego office and have taught thousands of other healthcare professionals the technique of in-office shoulder ultrasound at my Regenerative Medicine and MSK Ultrasound Course in Las Vegas.

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